Admins Are Users Too!

So you've decided to use a visual analytics platform: have you thought about your administrator as a user too?

Qlik Management Console

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Sophia, our data hero, is now ready to expand given her past successes using data storytelling and the built-in visualization smarts of Qlik Sense.  She now needs to work with Trent, the company’s administrator.  She hesitates when she has to approach him.  Trent always gives a face of pain when having to roll out a new software solution.  He hates working with poorly designed administrative management consoles and each system he has to implement is more confusing and archaic than the last.  Sophia wonders what will Trent think of Qlik Sense?  She hopes that Qlik has thought about administrators as well as data heroes.

For those administrating software solutions (yes you know who you are) Qlik recognizes that “IT are users too”.  Very few spend the time to work or even think about this as UX blogger Gary Barber points out in 2008:

"Whatever the solution or cause, people lets stop building crappy admin console interfaces. On your next project really try and get the admin console to be considered as part of the UX process."

Most software solutions do not think about the entire span of users that may interact with the solution.  Shouldn’t administrators like Trent enjoy using the administrator consoles of all solutions?!  It shouldn’t be a chore but instead be intuitive and easy to use.  What most software companies have a hard time accomplishing is to show empathy for those users, as described here by Albert Wenger at Union Square Ventures:

"Now some people may say that’s all well for consumer products but we have a B2B product or a developer product so this doesn’t apply to us. Well it does! Developers are humans. People working inside of companies are humans. They experience frustration just as much. And you need to observe them and put yourself in their shoes...There are two ways of accomplishing that: first, observe a user directly and second, put yourself in the user’s position by actually using the product. Surprisingly few companies do both of these well."

One of the key personas that we focus on at Qlik are those administrators whose jobs are to ensure the health and happiness of all of the users of Qlik Sense.  Qlik Product Managers not only use Qlik Sense daily but are also administrators as well.  In fact, Qlik's CTO Anthony Deighton has administrated, deployed, created and used many Qlik Sense applications.  

Back to Sophia’s situation: she convinces Trent to install Qlik Sense and he finds the process to be fast and simple.  His initial impression is that Qlik has thought things through just as an administrator would.  He opens the Qlik Management Console to administrate Qlik Sense – he’s never see this type of UI in a management console!  It looks simple and clean, like most modern web applications.  A good sign.

Qlik Management Console

A quick look at the management options and Trent is pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to search and easily edit items.  This will make administrating Qlik Sense really easy and it looks to be easily scalable to the entire organization!

Here is an example of easily finding and editing several applications at once:

Qlik Management Console

The above .gif was created with Qlik Sense 2.0 which will be released in June 2015. 

Here is an example of finding a single person from a list of over 5,000 users based on one user’s attribute:

Qlik Management Console

The above .gif was created with Qlik Sense 2.0 which will be released in June 2015.  

Be sure to look for future posts on how Trent experiences the Qlik Management Console and how it makes administrating and expanding so much easier.

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