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Students in Japan create real-world business applications with Qlik Sense.

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I’m happy to report that Qlik recently teamed up with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Center of Excellence in Big Data & Analytics for Service Engineering, the University of Tsukuba and Japanese pharmacy chain, Welcia Pharmacy to launch a competition for students in which they were to create a business application in Qlik Sense, designed to identify any operational inefficiencies. 40 science and engineering students from the University entered the competition, and the winners not only received some great prizes, but also will have their winning business plans implemented by Welcia Pharmacy!

The challenge was designed to prepare students for entering the workforce, and give them a hands-on opportunity to experience how data science can be applied to real-life business situations. Welcia and Deloitte helped in providing advice and guidance in lectures over the course of the competition on how to build the application, while Qlik was more than happy to provide Qlik Sense licenses to the students so they could easily visualize the large datasets and find the associative connections between them.

The students were given actual business data from Welcia Pharmacy’s stores, which included Point-of-Sale (POS) data from its stores, to give them visibility into transactions, stock management and inventory trends over time. Then they dropped it into Qlik Sense and were able to identify how Welcia can make many different kinds of efficiency gains.

One interesting aspect of the competition is that it required the students to demonstrate an entire range of skills, all of which are needed to create a functioning business application. These include both the technical ability to harness vast amounts of data, as well as the ability to understand Welcia Pharmacy’s business challenges.

Once the contestants completed their apps and compiled their insights, they presented their findings to a panel of judges and explained how their findings would make business more efficient for Welcia Pharmacy.   

The winners are as follows, congratulations to all the winners!

Qlik Award (Good use of Qlik Sense and its Associative Engine and best storytelling)

  • Ikuma Higashikozono
  • Shojiro Tsutsui
  • Natsuki Yamazaki

Deloitte Analytics Award (Best logic, good analytical skills and easy-to-understand presentation)

  • Yukimasa Kazama 
  • Ryo Murakami
  • Masahiro Tsunemi
  • Yuta Tsunoi

Welcia Pharmacy Award (Best idea proposal derived from Qlik Sense POS data analytics that Mr. Onuma (Manager, Welcia) would like to apply immediately to their stores)

  • Kohei Kawase
  • Nao Kasai
  • Junya Kokami

Tsukuba University Big Data CoE Award (Highest score from the final presentation, analytics and ideas Professor Okada is proud to brand as the Tsukuba University Award.)

  • Yuutaro Shiraishi 
  • Syougaku Yurikawa
  • Mari Ishii

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