Can You Trust Your Pretty Pictures?

Let’s move the debate from the data to the decision.

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Let’s be honest – we’ve all been in those meetings where one guy (let’s call him Joe) produces beautifully colorful, visually amazing graphs and charts. And he proclaims victory because the data supports his conclusions. Then, apologizing for being slightly late, another gal (let’s call her Cindy) shows up and shows her own beautifully colorful, visually amazing graphs and charts. She then proclaims victory because her data supports her – awkwardly – different conclusions. We all know what ensues: The other people in the meeting start a debate on who’s data is right and who’s is wrong. “Where did you get that data?” “Who had access to the spreadsheet before you?

The debate centers on the data, and not the decision. Trust in the data is low. Confidence in the decision: non-existent.

At Qlik, we simply believe meetings like this are unnecessary. Actually, they are a waste of valuable time. The debate should be about the decision, not the data. With Qlik, you can trust the data. It comes from centrally governed and approved libraries. Business users can perform self-service data analysis but within a governed framework. The pretty picture is necessary but not sufficient. It needs to be trusted. When you trust the data, you can decide with confidence. It’s as simple as that.

See for yourself in this great video produced by my friend Mike Tarallo (@mtarallo):

And we’re not alone: Howard Dresner’s recent Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study concurs:

“Success with business intelligence relates powerfully and directly to an organization’s state of data and ability to act on insight.”

Why? Because business professionals can trust their data, allowing them to feel confidence in their technology and in their decisions.

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