What Makes You And I European?

Is it simply land borders that determine how European you are? One Qlik Sense app may have the answer.

How European Are You?

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I believe myself to be truly European and have the privilege of being able to travel across many cultures within a relatively short time and distance. There are not many countries in Europe that I haven’t visited. But how European am I truly? And what makes us European? Is it the food we eat? The games we play? How much we earn? Or how much we pay for our groceries?

Other things to throw in the mix are our ability to integrate within new cultures and adopt their ways of living. I travel to France a lot and try very hard to speak the language and ask for items in the shop in French and not English-ese. Even though it is a short distance to France the differences in food, clothes and infrastructure are markedly different. This is the same for any country within our Union and the complexities of what make us more French than Austrian or more German than Latvian are intricate to say the least.

You may find yourself completely changing your view on what you think you are or find the fact that you are not very Greek for example fascinating. Sometimes the things we are not can be more enlightening than the things we really are.

This has been brought into sharp focus for me at the moment as we are going through a general election and many parties put a lot of emphasis on how much we should be integrated into the European Union.

So my challenge to you is to find out: what countries do you think fit in with the way you live? And that is not as difficult to do as you may think because we have a way to analyze it. Qlik has just launched an app that lets you look at how your lifestyle matches up with the countries of the European Union. The first phase is how we live and the next phase will be work closely followed by how we play. Speaking of which, you can play with a few of our favorite charts below if you so choose.

Don’t be shy! Discover how European you really are and bring out your inner German, Polish, or Swedish persona. This whole blog is giving me itchy feet.  Happy holidays everyone!

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