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I have read the “The 789 tips for Bloggers in 2016” but tip #251 always drives me nuts.  Explaining how our customers are using Qlik and completely changing how their business users consume (and communicate with) data is difficult to do without talking about the product.

So for this blog post, I will not talk about the product but instead use the words of one of our customers.  This is how a successful Qlik customer from a Top 5 New York-based global bank described our product to me recently:

“For whatever reason, the market hasn’t quite realized that the underlying technology is a whole new approach and has leap-frogged the entire BI industry.  When you explain Qlik to people, there are two critically important attributes that must be part of the conversation:

  1. Global Search – There is no other product capable of searching detailed records across an entire data model with this type of lightning speed, providing accessibility across disparate datasets.

  2. Look under the hood – As soon as the business problem becomes complex (and it always does), the Qlik platform shines brighter because of the associative engine.  Make sure that your prospects always fully test a complex business problem and see how many speed bumps are removed by using Qlik (BEFORE they make the mistake of investing in other dinosaur technologies).

Paul, Qlik has transformed our business by providing all of the necessary information in a single platform and it is these two things that are most important to me.”

So there you go, I have successfully written another blog without breaking Rule #251 because I allowed the customer to talk about the product for me.

If you work in my industry though, there is a high probability that you are not allowed to even try new technology because your machine is locked and you cannot install anything on it.  But I have good news: you have many options on how to experience Qlik without installing the software. Here are just a few...

Explore our online demos:

Risk Adjusted Performance Management 

Risk Management App 


Managing the risk/reward equation is core to running a bank. This demo demonstrates the relationship between risk, utilization and profitability.


Wealth Management/Financial Sales

Wealth Sales App


This demo shows how a company can find out who their best advisors are and find ways to make them even better, all while ensuring that compliance rules aren’t violated.  There is a tab for every level of the organization from the Senior Executive meeting to the Sales Advisor's discussion with the customer.  Specifically look for the relationship between Price and Volume.



Insurance App 


This app provides over 10 types of analyses on an extensive Insurance data model. Users can assess sales performance, conduct lapse analysis (policies cancelled at renewal), review claims and many more.


Try Qlik Sense Cloud:

Qlik Sense Cloud



Watch the Qlik Sense in 60 Series:

Qlik Sense in 60


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