Propel Performance In Wealth Management With Visual Analytics

Five ways Qlik optimizes both financial performance and client outcomes.

Wealth Management

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Increasingly proactive regulators, insatiable client appetite for digital channels and market volatility are just a few challenges facing today’s wealth management industry.  Availability of data, both internally and through the broader market, is swelling in size, pace and variety of sources. This deluge of data is creating a new source of competitive advantage, rewarding those businesses capable of executing on insights to drive their business.

For more than a decade, Qlik has partnered with the worlds most respected wealth managers, transforming their businesses with visual analytics. As Qlik continues to deliver innovative solutions to this industry, these potent areas of value have consistently surfaced.

1. Delivery of actionable insights for deeper, more profitable client conversations: Who do I need to talk about today? This is the fundamental question advisors and financial planners contemplate every day. Analytics can guide both who to call and what to discuss by:

  • Highlighting which clients are most impacted by market moves.

  • Highlighting pending market events impacting client portfolios, driving trading ideas.

  • Creating ability for smart targeting of in-house or commissioned research based on client holdings or historical trading patterns, helping drive cross-selling opportunities.

  • Blending CRM, call logs and trading systems for a comprehensive single client view.

2. Driving sound conduct: Many of the world’s wealth managers have been left licking their wounds, paying hefty fines and scrambling to restore trust with their clients due to public misconduct incidents.  Qlik’s ability to blend data across your business enables unprecedented transparency, enabling staff throughout the business to follow best practice and be alerted to threats as they emerge.

3. Delight clients with enhanced digital offerings:  Today’s clients expect a more comprehensive picture through digital offerings. Qlik’s Analytics Platform enables tailored insights to be seamlessly and securely embedded into your digital channel, better informing clients of their investment performance and inherent risks. Clients can also be educated on your full product suite and their role in achieving financial goals.

4. Reduced waste and operational risk through automation: Manual production of internal / external reports presents both an unwanted cost and unacceptable operational risk. Complex, poorly supported spreadsheets and line of business databases force lengthy reconciliation processes and key person risk. Qlik’s Analytics Platform delivers common data sourcing and core measures, whilst delivering automated periodic or on-demand reporting tailored for each advisor or client base.  Our integration of analytics with data storytelling enables immediate substantiation when findings are challenges during key presentations.

5. Alignment of strategic objectives through common, secure applications: Core business objectives are best met when the entire staff offer contributions and progress. Qlik’s access model allows for role-based permissions: universal goals are boiled down into actionable targets to client portfolios, geographies or product sets. Such alignment enables benchmarking, hurdle rates for target return on equity and recoup of client acquisition costs.

Visual analytics has never been more relevant to reveal opportunities, track strategic goals and provide practitioners with continual assurance to sound practice. Interact with our sample wealth sales application at or watch our video demonstration here.

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