Our Culture

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We love data. We think it can change the world. But we love other things, too. Read more about what makes our company Qlik.

Building Connections

Each employee makes the pilgrimage to Lund, Sweden for Qlik Academy, a week-long introduction to everything Qlik. It’s here where employees from around the world connect and learn about the history, culture, and values that make us Qlik. Employees also come together at our annual Summit meeting where we celebrate our success, build connections with our colleagues, and renew our focus on the year ahead.

And in our offices worldwide, employees gather together for a Swedish tradition called fika. Originally used as a Swedish verb meaning “to go out for coffee”, the word fika can also be used as a noun (“coffee break”). It is standard in Sweden to invite friends to fika every few hours during the work day. One’s coffee is normally accompanied with a small snack such as bread, cheese, or piece of cake. For us, fika is about collaboration with our colleagues to share ideas and build relationships.

Focusing on Values

Qlik has five core values that drive the way we work, decide, and act: challenge, move fast, open & straightforward, teamwork for results, and take responsibility. Through these values, we have a strong foundation that serves as the framework for our business.

Giving Back

Giving back to our communities and to the world is core part of the culture at Qlik. Through initiatives such as our 10-10-10 challenge with HOPEHIV, over 1,000 employees received $10 each, with the goal of turning it into $1000 in 10 weeks. Qlik employees exceeded the $100,000 goal by donating over $150,000 for the children of Africa. And that’s just one example.

Through a day of service, each employee has the opportunity to donate time to their community. And through our Change Their World program, we enable humanitarian and community-focused nonprofits to use QlikView to gain visibility into data sources, accelerate outcomes, and connect donors with recipients, and make their great work even better.

Designing for the Future

The way we approach design and engineering is unique in the BI industry. Through the technology and design approach that we call Natural Analytics™, we enable users to explore complex data, making and sharing discoveries using natural human abilities rather than artificially constructed techniques. We empower people to turn data into action, allowing them to discover, decide, and do without breaking stride.