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De beste webinars over analytics van 2016

Bekijk de beste webinars van 2016, boordevol bruikbare inzichten en nieuwe methoden voor 2017.

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Top BI-trends voor 2017

Wat zijn de tien belangrijkste BI-voorspellingen voor 2017? Ontdek de nieuwste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van selfservice analytics, IoT en meer.

Neem deel aan het webinar Top BI-trends voor 2017.

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De Qlik Summer School OnDemand webinarserie

Verfris deze zomer je kennis over analytics. Registreer voor de Qlik® Summer School OnDemand webinarserie voor essentiele analytische inzichten, tips en trucs, en product updates. 

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The Wisdom of Crowds: A Data Discovery Journey

Austin Fire Department (AFD) has a proud history of serving more than 750,000 residents of Austin, TX. The department, which responds to approximately 75,000 calls annually, holds as its mission to protect lives and property through extensive fire prevention and safety education efforts. In order to best do this, AFD turned to the power of data discovery across operations, finance, HR and executive functions.

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Challenge the Conventions: Innovation, Design and Business Transformation in BI

Business intelligence (BI) technology has leapt forward with the development of data discovery software. However, the approach many organizations take to BI and analytics has not improved at the same rate. Too often their approach is influenced by outmoded ideas. These ideas shut down possibilities, constraining what organizations do with BI, how they approach it, and the value they aspire to deliver from their data.

Access this on-demand webinar to hear from James Richardson, Analytics Strategist at Qlik, as he exposes and explores six of the most common myths of BI and the impact they have on organizations.

James is also a Qlik Blog contributor. You can read his blog postings, along with other posts, here.

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Analyze. Deliver. Win. The Path to Becoming a Champion Analyst

If you want to become a champion analyst in your organization, you need to help improve performance through better use of information. View this on-demand webinar to find out how you can respond faster to business challenges and deliver new insights into areas of opportunity and risk.


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See the Whole Story, The Case for a Visualization Platform

Join Chief Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor and Qlik's Solutions Expert Daniel Brault to learn why data visualization plays a key role in helping businesses understand their data.


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A Journey Out of Darkness for Dallas ISD

Qlik & IPC Global Webinar featuring Kerri Holt, Special Projects Officer, Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) During this on-demand webinar you will learn how Enterprise Intelligence has enabled Dallas Independent School District to transform into an organization that relies on a strong intelligent data culture that allows educators to make smarter, faster decisions in order to improve instruction and the educational outcomes of 160,000 students a year. Not just a little bit! The impact has been compared to a Miracle.


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Improving Healthcare with Analytics: The Essentials to Creating a Data-Driven Organization

Join Qlik®: and John Martin, Sr. Director of Enterprise Analytics and Reporting at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, as they discuss the essential elements to create a data-driven organization and ensure value generation from analytics investments.

Qlik OD webinar

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Data Visualization: Best Practices in 2016

Where is data visualization in 2016? What are the best tools and practices? And what should you do with them?

Visualization Advocate Patrik Lundblad (Ph.D., Visualization and Interaction) is here to share what’s new, what’s great, and what’s unstoppable in data visualization today.