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Date: 14 juni 2016


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CIO Dashboard – Improving Proactivity In Your Department

In today’s businesses the IT department is facing challenges of various kinds. How do you know for certain that you are focusing the resources at hand on the projects, systems and activities that brings most value to the company? And how are you keeping track of the most important metrics of your business today?

In this webinar we will share the CIO Dashboard, an example of what Qlik and analytics can do for your department when it comes to visualizing and analyzing the hard work you and your team are putting in to support and creating value for the business.

Imagine to be able to gain insights to how your department is working, where they focus their efforts and the challenges you might be facing. You will be able to see your performance towards the budget, the investments you are doing in the different systems even their life time.\

Join us for this interesting webinar on June 14 at 11.00 CET/12.00 EET.

The session is live, so it will be possible to ask questions to all the presenters during the session.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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