Qlik Luminary Program

Recognizing our best and brightest customers, partners and enthusiasts.

Meet the Qlik Luminary Class of 2016

“QlikView brings huge value to a global company likes ours. I look forward to hearing from others about their experiences and how they successfully acted on their discoveries.”

Akio Oka, Toshiba Corporation

“The Qlik Luminary Program will be a rare opportunity to collaborate and innovate with QlikView’s top game-changers worldwide. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Andy Quirin, Rackspace

“The Qlik Luminary Program reflects QlikView’s commitment to ensure customers have a voice in the progression of its products. It is a privilege to be considered as a Charter member.”

Darren Freeman, HealthSouth Corporation

“What an honor! I am excited about the opportunity to network and share insights with QlikTech’s thought leaders, as well as fellow users and advocates of QlikView.”

Jay Deblank, 7-Eleven

“I'm delighted to be involved in the program. Our data is much more accessible to a wider business audience and this is uncovering insights into growth and improvement opportunities.”

Jeremy Smith, BT Financial Group

“Gaining access to hands-on tools and contacts and experiencing the expertise of other individuals helps us to gain competitive advantage in performing our job.”

Johann Prenninger, BMW AG

“If we as consumers see the benefit using “big data” on our smart-phones; then why don’t we as business leaders use it?”

Keith Carter, National University of Singapore

“I like interacting with professionals from other industries because explaining our setup to others sometimes is the best way to take a step back and come up with improvements.”

Mats-Olov Eriksson, King

“I look forward to learning about how other organizations are using QlikView, as well as opportunities to share my experiences and our organization. Especially our products!”

Michael Der, Mark Anthony Group

“The Qlik Luminary program comes at a perfect time as it links great Business Intelligence innovators together as a means of driving change at an international level.”

Orlando Agrippa, Colchester Hospital University Foundation NHS Trust

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For additional information on the Qlik Luminary Program, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

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Qlik Luminary Program

The Qlik Luminary Program brings together the best and brightest customers, partners and enthusiasts in the Qlik ecosystem. With deep drive, passion and expertise, Qlik Luminaries champion the vision of turning data into insights that lead to transformative discoveries.

Becoming a Qlik Luminary isn’t just about better business practices. It’s about creating a better world—one in which data is harnessed to create beneficial changes, not just for their own organizations, but for others, too. Qlik Luminaries are constantly pushing the envelope, finding new and innovative ways to use, deploy and talk about Qlik solutions.

Meet our Charter Luminaries

Meet the Qlik Luminary Class of 2016

Exclusive Benefits

Enjoy these exclusive benefits of being a Qlik Luminary.

  • Education: Free access to state of the art Qlik training to sharpen your skills
  • Access: Exclusive engagements with R&D, Product Management, and Support teams
  • Community: Membership in a private Qlik Luminary community on Qlik Community
  • Insight: NDA briefings with Qlik product executives
  • Perks: VIP treatment, major discounts and special Luminary-only activities at Qlik events
  • Credibility: Qlik Luminary digital badges and featured profile on Qlik.com 

How do I join?

A new class of Qlik Luminaries is accredited each year in January. Individuals with outstanding track records of continuous public advocacy of Qlik - willingness to share knowledge, community leadership, and a desire to make everyone they know in the Qlik ecosystem a huge success. Candidates must submit their own nomination to be considered.

What characterizes a Luminary?

  • Passionate about Qlik and widely recognized as a BIinnovator and expert in his or her field
  • Active and consistently helpful on Qlik Community
  • Active on online forums, industry social networks, and/or organizational or personal blog
  • Willing to share best practices and knowledge at industry events, forums, in the press, and with industry analysts
  • Prolific content creator who creates or contributes to blogs, white papers, reviews, articles, videos, etc.