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ACI Consult gets traffic under control with QlikView


Regio: Italy
Functie: Operations

"QlikView has contributed tremendously in strategic decision making at Reliance Life Insurance.”

C Mohan, Chief Technology Officer, Reliance Life Insurance


  • Handles operations in the area of transport engineering
  • Designs, develops, and creates innovative traffic-control services, regional and environmental services, urban furnishings and low-impact technologies
  • Member of the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) group
  • Based in Italy


  • Accurately monitor and analyze traffic patterns
  • Compile data from passive and active optical sensors and satellite data centers
  • Organize, manage and store the recorded data in a usable fashion


  • Deployed QlikView to users in order to access traffic data, analyze patterns by nearly any factor and estimate roadway wear or pollution levels.
  • Appropriately manage the large data volume and maintain high performance levels.


  • Successfully analyzed traffic data according to specific factors.
  • Interpreted traffic data over various time frames.
  • Leveraged data to improve traffic and transport conditions.

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