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QlikView is printing insights for Agora Publishing


Regio: United States
Omzet: <$100M
Bedrijfstak: Media
Functie: Marketing, Executive

“Our user group extends from marketing program assistants through to our CEO, so the influence can inform tactical to strategic decision-making. Most of the dashboard metrics are used for researching what has worked in the past in terms of products and customers.” Chris Hines, Vice President, Marketing Intelligence, Agora Publishing


  • Holding company of various international publishers of financial, health, travel and special interest books and newsletters
  • Publish more than 300 books and 40 newsletters, reaching 1 million readers from around the world
  • Business has shifted from 95% direct mail acquisition to 60% from email and web
  • Supported by 200 employees within its Baltimore offices Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland


  • Need performance visibility and improved guidance into their seven autonomous businesses
  • Critical to the executive team and business managers that the new system not encumber their current business practices


  • Deployed QlikView to ~ 100 users across 2 functions to all of management across 6 countries and 3 continents:
  • Executive Analysis: View of marketing performance across businesses, channels, promotions, source and list codes via dashboards
  • Marketing Analysis: Users extend from marketing program assistants through to the CEO measuring: -Campaign performance across all channels
  • including e-marketing measuring metrics of return on advertising, $ / name, and $ / program -Assess and understand customer and subscriber behavior -Measure current / projected customer lifetime value and current / forecast line of business value and product portfolio value -Product managers may look at sales across products to assess where they have gaps and possible ideas for new products
  • QlikView was selected after 15 other solutions were considered (including traditional BI and marketing analytics niche solutions)
  • Implemented QlikView Server and Publisher in 16 weeks (20% of forecast), 60% under budget


  • Provided analytical definition with key metrics and efficiency in marketing reporting
  • Delivered project in 16 weeks in 20% of the original forecast time and below the lowest approved budget estimate with additional benefits of an even more robust analysis solution

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