Business Intelligence for the authorization company


Regio: Europe, Russia
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Bedrijfstak: Services
Functie: Executive, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Service & Support

"BI solution based on QlikView will be useful for other authorization companies. It helps to work more effectively and geta true picture of the current financial situation.We confidently recommend QlikView as a handy tool for everyday work, as well as Digia as a reliable and professional partner."

Alla Kudryavtseva, Executive Director


ANK Company is a Saint-Petersburg based authorization company and a center of technological competence in the field of e-signatures. ANK provides engineering, implementation and support services of information security and business security integrated systems based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technology.


Business Intelligence solution designed for complex analysis of the ANK operating results and for search of "growing points" - ways to increase revenues, optimize performance, and eliminate factors that hinder the company to grow faster and more efficiently.


During the project Digia specialists have identified the data sources for reporting, integrated QlikView with the customer's accounting systems, developed the reporting forms and customized mechanisms for data updating.

The solution allows:

  • Analyze the income received from the sale of EDS certificates, software implementation and additional services;
  • Monitor and optimize costs;
  • Calculate KPIs for the whole company and in selected areas;
  • Generate reports on various aspects of the ANC, to predict performance in future periods, and find ways to increase sales by increasing the number of certificates issued by EDS, more effective sales of additional services, etc.

In a short time the company has implemented a system that allows receiving consolidated data on revenues, expenses and profit with the possibility of a diverse and deep analysis. Now the ANK management may at any time to see the effectiveness of their business in general, and margins up to a specific customer, product or service.  There was the mechanism of real-time revenue monitoring implemented, which allows to monitor the stability of revenue growth and, if necessary, take appropriate measures to eliminate undesirable factors.


  • Deep and diverse analysis of data
  • Powerful visualization tools
  • Ease of use for end users

Partner: Digia

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