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Akron Beacon Journal printing advertising analysis with QlikView


Regio: United States
Omzet: <$100M
Bedrijfstak: Media
Functie: Finance, Sales

Leveraging QlikView through Mactive Analytix to analyze financials and advertising revenue across ad type, placement, product, sales team and sales rep – all focused on driving ad revenue growth.


  • Ohio's only four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, serves readers in Summit, Portage, Stark, Medina and Wayne counties
  • Delivers daily news and information in print and online at Ohio.com. The largest newspaper of Canada-based Black Press Ltd., the Akron Beacon Journal operates under Sound Publishing Holdings Inc., the parent company's Washington-based U.S. subsidiary
  • Daily circulation of more than 122,000
  • Headquartered in Akron, Ohio


  • Gain visibility into performance of advertising sales teams
  • Identify opportunities for revenue growth in advertising among mix of customers, ad type, product, placements etc.


  • Deployed QlikView to 136 users across 2 functions in US: Financial Analysis: -Measure advertising revenue by GL to provide actual versus budget, and grouped by revenue category, revenue type or customer -Measure revenue performance with variances by orders, customers and sales rep Sales Advertising Analysis: -Assess sales rep performance for all charges on an ad and any credits/debits directed down to the insertion level; -Analyze order details in revenue and inches per insertion grouped by ad number, position, placement, product, customer type and by rep -Monitor average ad rate grouped by placement, ad type, product, sales team and sales rep
  • Leveraged Mactive Analytix (QlikView) to aggregate modest data volumes from Mactive Finance and Sales solutions


  • Improved ad revenue growth from improved visibility into operations and sales activities
  • Gained ability to drill down into the data to effectively manage the business and make informed and timely decisions
  • Saved time and effort of business and IT team in automating and simplifying analysis and reporting

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