AlfaStrakhovanie Limited

Leading Russian insurance group improves customer satisfaction and competitive edge


Regio: Europe, Russia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Verzekeringswezen
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales

"The key benefit of our QlikView implementation is that the company now has a flexible, transparent real-time solution, which supports the dynamic growth of the AlfaStrakhovanie Group, helps us create new competitive edges and, as a result, fully satisfies the demands of our customers.”

Evgeniya Grishina


  • AlfaStrakhovanie Group is the largest insurance company in Russia, offering over 100 products.  The group has over 380 regional offices throughout Russia, which serve approximately 1.5 million private individual customers and more than 100,000 companies..


  • Reduction of labour costs associated with the reporting and data analysis.
  • Providing business units with real-time information to support the company’s dynamic growth and the centralization of the group’s business reporting.
  • Improvement of the report generation process.


  • AlfaStrakhovanie implemented QlikView to provide information on loss ratios with dozens of variables and offers and end-to-end real-time solution for decision making on tariff rates and insurance premiums.  Sales and marketing analytical data about new insurance products in QlikView is presented with individual product comparison and timeline capabilities, featuring the number of contracts and insurance premiums for each product and associated marketing campaigns.  QlikView provides real-time analysis of trends and dynamics of each insurance product, monitors the success of product offering campaigns and allows for the timely correction of sales operations.


  • Accelerated the response time to an user’s query.
  • Reduced the time for creating analysis documents.
  • Increased the control over access to confidential information.
  • The systemization and formalization of formulating industry specific KPIs.
  • Improved control and accuracy of accounting data, debt recollections and, improved debtor relations.

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