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QlikView gave ALK-Abelló a crucial overview


Regio: Europe, Denmark
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Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie

"QlikTech’s motto “seeing is believing” made very good sense in this situation. We implemented a test version in just 14 days and the results where very convincing. Rapidly, we could create an overview of our very complex clinical database and we realised right away that QlikView would be a good investment.”

Lisbet Groes
Director of Biometrics Medical Writing, ALK-Abelló


  • ALK-Abelló is a global leader within the development and production of drugs used for the diagnosis of allergy and for vaccines against allergy. ALK-Abelló is an expanding company, working with the latest technology within research, development and production.


  • Need for quick and efficient overview of complex clinical database prior to MRP procedure.
  • Few people with the qualifications to create the needed overview and to retrieve data from the database – a bottleneck in a procedure with tight deadlines.


  • A test version which was implemented in just 14 days convinced ALK-Abelló that QlikView was the right tool to provide them with the overview they need in the demanding MRP procedure. Today approx. 20 employees across departments and functions use QlikView. During 2008 ALK-Abelló will use QlikView on all their data. It will give them the opportunity to analyse data across many different parameters and to make all parts of the MRP procedure much more efficient than before.


  • Opportunity to make collection of data and information more efficient in a market characterised by though competition.
  • Eliminates the competence bottleneck.
  • ROI in 1-2 month.

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