Alternative Apparel

Alterative Apparel Achieves Greater Customer Satisfaction with QlikView


Regio: North America, United States
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Operations, Executive, Sales, Service & Support

“It only takes minutes now to pull reports that would take an hour or more before.”

—Teka Long, VP of Operations, Alternative Apparel


  • Alternative has been challenging the concepts of fashion since 1995, when Founder and Designer Greg Alterman set out to create the perfect t-shirt - one designed for fashion, made for comfort, and tailored for fit.
  • Since then, Alternative has elevated the tee from casual basic to fashion-forward staple, simultaneously broadening its horizons to include loungewear, accessories, and two new labels: eco-friendly Alternative Earth and chic, sophisticated Alternative Orange Label.Alternative Apparel is a fashion lifestyle brand best known for comfort, simplicity and a commitment to sustainability
  • Alternative's design studio and flagship stores are in Los Angeles, California. Its corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Improve operational efficiency with speedier decision making based on actionable data
  • Provide a “one stop shop” for data visibility for all employees


  • Alternative Apparel deployed QlikView across the enterprise to employees in California, Georgia and New York.
  • Production applications include:
    • Sales
    • Inventory and sales trends 
    • POs
    • Retail operations
    • Supply chain


  • Improved teamwork and customer satisfaction with faster and easier access to data
  • Achieved self-service BI, available from all locations
  • Saved time for IT by eliminating requests for queries and reports on the fly


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