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Aon Asia mitigating risk with QlikView for clearer presentation of summary financial information


Regio: Singapore
Omzet: >$1B
Bedrijfstak: Verzekeringswezen
Functie: Finance

"The beauty of QlikView is that we can now see exactly where things are performing well and where things have gone wrong. Before, we had multiple sources and never knew if a reporting problem was just bad data or a real issue. Now we can look at reports to see how the business is actually doing."

Tom Gill, Regional CIO, Aon Asia


  • Leading Asian provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, human capital, and management consulting. A regional division of the multinational organization, Aon Corporation
  • Headquartered in Hong Kong, China
  • Achieved ~ $1.6 billion in revenue with 8,000 employees


  • Gain a clear overview of company revenue streams, fees and commissions by segment, industry, country and practice group
  • Automate reporting systems to compile and back-check data to eradicate time-wasting multi-country manual reconciliation


  • Deployed QlikView to ~370 users within the Finance function encompassing 12 countries throughout Asia:
  • Budget Analysis: Immediate budget summaries providing local and overall revenues by actual, budget, variance and accruals
  • Client Budget Analysis: Assess revenue performance in detail by client group or individual client, income classes and type
  • Earnings Analysis: Margin analysis of the premium and cost breakdown of brokerage fees, discounts and commissions
  • Top Client Analysis: Client rankings by revenues, region, industry, product class, including year-over-year comparisons
  • Revenue Analysis: Measures country revenue performance calculating renewable business as percent of total new revenue
  • Top Product Analysis: Revenue performance analysis of products, product segments and industry-specific offerings
  • Rapid implementation within 8 weeks with QlikView SEA leveraging QlikView Server (64-bit) and Publisher
  • Adopted as an integral component of balanced scorecard evaluations several times a month by the company chairman


  • $221,000 in cost savings and reduced time in manual budgeting
  • Productivity gains through less reviews and instant access
  • Strategic benefits through improved decision-making and the new-found ability to identify trends and unleash market potential

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