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Arbinet achieves critical business visibility with QilkView


Regio: United States
Omzet: <$100M
Bedrijfstak: Telecommunicatie
Functie: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Sales

"Before QlikView, we did not have good decision-making insight into revenue month-to-date or transactional intelligence, which was critical for knowing how to improve our business performance." Suresh Vadakath, Director, Strategic Planning, Arbinet-thexchange, Inc.


  • Leading provider for trading and settling telecommunications capacity
  • Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Routes approximately 2% of the world's international voice traffic to more than 1,300 destinations


  • Need daily visibility into financial and operational performance
  • Improve integrated data analysis from transactional and billing OSS


  • Arbinet deployed a sophisticated enterprise application of QlikView to its field and senior management team across 5 business functions within 12 weeks.
  • The QlikView application integrates analysis of disparate data formats from transactional and billing Operational Support Systems (OSS), enabling Arbinet to achieve a near real-time view of operational performance and business trends.


  • Improved time required for information analysis to near real-time.
  • Improve response to business trends from up to 30 days to near real time.
  • Expanded information analysis and insights into business drivers.
  • Improved knowledge of customers, markets, and matching sellers with buyers

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