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Arvato Services optimizes processes for customer relations program with QlikView


Regio: Germany
Omzet: >$1B
Bedrijfstak: Services
Functie: Executive, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Service & Support

"The entire quality of the process has risen markedly since we introduced QlikView since information can now be obtained more easily, quickly, transparently and in greater depth." Management, rewards arvato services GmbH


  • Leading supplier worldwide of consulting, sourcing and logistics of bonuses and customer loyalty programs.
  • Subsidiary of Arvato AG.


  • Optimize customer service with profitability.
  • Analyze customer, product and supplier information from different data sources.
  • Allow ‘everyone’ the ability to perform analysis – from management and finance to sales and purchasing.


  • Deploy QlikView and create 25 applications rapidly.


  • Garnered savings of ~ two hours per week per user.
  • Improved negotiating position during discussions with suppliers.
  • Achieved overall improvement of process quality.

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