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Qlik becomes mission critical for ASICS Oceania


Regio: Asia Pacific, Australia
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
Functie: Finance, Sales, Executive, Operations

"QlikView is now mission critical for ASICS. We depend on the speed and flexibility of the applications we use and the ability to drill down into the most granular level of detail to aid accurate decision-making."

—Andrew O‘Neill, IT Manager ASICS Oceania


  • ASICS Oceania is the Australian subsidiary of ASICS Corporation of Japan
  • ASICS specializes in sport shoes and accessories for running, basketball, volleyball and wrestling
  • In the US, ASICS sponsors the New York City Marathon, where 40 percent of recent competitors wore its shoes


  • Needed to modernize its BI platform, which relied on SAP BusinessObjects to produce ad-hoc reports
  • Slow or ineffective decision-making as a result of the infrastructure
  • Needed to provide comprehensive reporting from SAP—including an understanding of sales, orders and inventory in a single view—to support its expanding business in Australia 


ASICS Oceania deployed Qlik to analyze more than 10 million records for its sales business unit, later extending its use across the enterprise, supported by Qlik partner, ABM Systems


  • Drilled down into smallest level of detail to aid decision-making
  • Improved forecasting on purchasing patterns
  • Analyzed return on investment on new retail offerings
  • Provided management with a picture of inventory at any time
  • Improved sales, purchasing, and financial performance management
    • ABM Systems

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