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Better physician & patient profiling allows AsteRx to break new ground in indentifying health trends.


Regio: Asia Pacific, Australia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Services
Functie: Research & Development

"In one example Inside Info & QlikView streamlined a data process from what was days or weeks, or so complicated it wouldn’t be considered, to seconds and that means a better value proposition for us and our customers.

Jon Marshall, Managing Director, AsteRx


  • Leading provider of data research services for the Australian healthcare industry.


  • Market reseach holds numerous data challenges
  • Need to bring data to life for customers rather than providing raw data sets
  • Existing data process complex & cumbersome


  • AsteRx is better able to profile prescribing statistical data to break new ground in identifying health trends using QlikView online. Inside Info delivered an end-to-end solution in just 12 days.


  • Showing a potential increase in new business
  • Opened up new target market – able to target marketing teams with non technical skill due to self serve insight with intuitive free-form drill down analysis of massive data volumes
  • Better able to identify health trends & anomalies
  • Saved customers days to weeks of work in drawing insight from the research
  • Expanded breadth of analysis by adding contextual data to study results

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