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QlikView helps the largest automotive company to strengthen performance and competitiveness


Regio: Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
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Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Finance

"In QlikView solution we have seen just those technologies which will help our company outstrip competitors and make qualitative leap in the sphere of information processing and presenting for decision-making."

Dmitry Kolesnik
Project manager for the international automotive holding company Atlant-М


The international automotive holding company Atlant-М is the largest association of companies in the CIS (Russia, Ukraine, and Republic of Belarus), specializing in sale, warranty and aftersales service of cars, and also in spare parts delivery. The company operates in the market for more than 20 years.


  • Integrate the information from various sources
  • Analyze the receivables and payables
  • Analytical reports for all levels of management
  • Business intelligence
  • Support the KPI-based management system


Atlant-М has introduced the QlikView Business Discovery solution in order to integrate the diverse data and various reporting formats, and also to create a uniform information field and to help key employees make more sound and informed decisions. Besides, QlikView helps the company to calculate key performance indicators (KPI), and also analyze the receivables and payable's.


  • Quick implementation
  • Comprehensive approach to KPI indicators
  • Combining the information field for all key employees
  • Integration with SAP and office applications, information gathering from diverse sources

Partner: Optima Consulting

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