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Austin Fire Department uses QlikView to improve operations, performance, and service


Regio: United States
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Overheid
Functie: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Operations

"AFD used to manage by anecdote, intuition, and assumption. With QlikView, our decisions are based on data-supported facts. We can test an assumption before we act on it and measure a decision after it’s made." Elizabeth Gray, Business Systems Analyst Supervisor, Austin Fire Department


  • Municipal fire department serving the City of Austin, Texas
  • Serves more than 750,000 residents in Austin
  • Responds to more than 75,000 calls annually


  • Lack of visibility into operations and performance data
  • Unable to effectively extract, integrate, and analyze enterprise data from seven distinct databases
  • Strong need to adjust reporting efficiency to improve operations, staff morale, and to ease staff stress


  • Deployed QlikView to 16 users in 12 weeks
  • Executive Analysis: Analyze 911 calls, response times, apparatus deployment and usage
  • Financial Analysis: Analyze budgets and expenditures
  • Operations Analysis: Leverage the data stored in disparate databases to achieve the department's first-ever real time view of operational performanceHuman Resources Analysis: Analyze firefighter staffing, recruitment, hiring, work orders and leave


  • Saved 300 hours, representing an equivalent cost of $131,000
  • Enabled fact-based decision making and improved business processes
  • Eliminated staff frustration and stress

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