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QlikView transforms Avnet’s sales effort


Regio: Asia Pacific, Australia
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Sales

"Within days QlikView became an indispensable tool to run the business…. Weekly management and sales meetings are now discussed with a complete data enhanced view of the business. QlikView delivers a greater focus on customer buying patterns, preferences and inventory analysis. We received value from our investment immediately, improving IT staff productivity by up to 20% and now also improving stock holding days through better inventory management.

Haydn Jones, IT Operations Manager, Avnet Technology Solutions


  • Part of Avnet Inc. global distributor of technology products. www.avnet.com NYSE:AVT


  • Consolidated view of each brand group for improved sales, marketing and management decision making.
  • Report generation duplicated effort, was cumbersome, allowed no data manupilation & consumed over 20 hours a month for IT staff.
  • Improved profitability & sales through transparency of information.


  • QlikView is an evolving strategic self-service sales and management analysis tool for Avnet Technology Solutions. Using a pre-built QlikView model that integrated seamlessly with Avnet’s ERP system, saw Avnet up and running & receiving value in less than a week.
  • QlikView ensures key revenue & gross margin targets are achieved for individual suppliers, their products and by sales and brand teams. Management use QlikView to keep on top of the numbers, for business forecasting & future strategy setting.


  • Improved IT staff productivity by 20%.
  • Transparency of sales, revenue and profitability data in one consolidated view aligned to key business measures.
  • Improved quality of data, reducing data entry errors almost 3 fold.
  • Improved short-term forecasting capabilities to identify & adapt to day to day demand changes.

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