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Belgian Cabinet prepares budgets in no time using QlikView


Regio: Belgium
Omzet: <$1B
Bedrijfstak: Overheid
Functie: Finance

"If someone can tell me why I should not work with QlikView tomorrow, they should come forward and tell me now"

Dirk De Smedt
Deputy Chief of Staff, Cabinet Vanhengel, Brussels Capital Region (Belgium)


  • Cabinet is responsible for Finance, Budget, External Relations and IT in the Brussels Capital Region.


  • Process multiple information flows simultaneously
  • Implement QlikView in less than 12 days
  • Link very diverse data sources


  • Cabinet Vanhengel deployed QlikView in less than 12 days. With QlikView, the Belgian Cabinet is able to conduct financial analyses at top speed and hence, prepare budgets in no time.


  • Enabled ability to process enormous data volumes seamlessly with lightning speed
  • Improved budget forecasting with flexible and intuitive analyses
  • Promoted data rationalization and process re-engineering
  • Cut budget development time in half – using a quarter of the people

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