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Berlin Recycling puts QlikView through the paces in sales, marketing and management


Regio: Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Mill Products
Functie: Operations, Sales, Finance

"Our figures have become significantly more transparent."

Stefan Suck
IT Manager
Berlin Recycling


  • Recycles not only paper and cardboard, but also glass and industrial waste.
  • 300 employees with 100 vehicles supply 40,000 private and trade clients


  • The parent company‚Äôs SAP system does not supply the reports needed for corporate management
  • Individual and automated preparation of own analyses and reports
  • Processing and analysis of vast quantities of data
  • Intelligent process management and optimisation


  • QlikView is used for analyses in sales, marketing and management:
  • Operations management: how many containers of what size are located at what premises or city districts? What is the disposal cycle?
  • Sales: Where are the areas of most intensive operation? In what city areas are there the most clients? What is our client structure?
  • Management cockpit: disposal optimisation concepts based on the analysis of weighbridge tickets. Improved disposal cycles and findings on emptying rounds and waste weights


  • Transparent processes ensure the preparation of optimisation plans
  • Maps of Berlin from Google Maps can be stored in QlikView.
  • Areas of intense operation and profitable districts are made easily visible in this way

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