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Bianchi rides stronger and faster with QlikView


Regio: Italy
Omzet: <$100M
Bedrijfstak: Consumentenproducten
Functie: Executive, Sales, Supply Chain

ā€œQlikView is used both for simple reporting activities and for analytical and operational functionalities. The great benefit from using these tools is the ease of data analysis and the improvement in decision-making by management. As a result, we are allocating additional budget and staff to deliver additional reporting and analysis applications.ā€ Vittorio Billa, CIO, Bianchi - Cycleurope


  • Since May 1997, FIV Edoardo Bianchi has been part of Cycleurope AB, a Swedish company in the Grimaldi group
  • For more than 120 years, Bianchi has been a leading entity in the cycling sector
  • Headquartered in Treviglio (BG) ā€“ Italy
  • Achieved ā‚¬40 million in revenue with 80 employees


  • Acquire a tool for generating reports integrating the entire group to ensure consistency in data and presentation across groups
  • Provide management with a tool capable of improving the decision-making process
  • Resolve criticalities in certain corporate sectors such as sales, procurement, and warehousing


  • Deployed QlikView to ~75 users across 3 functions in Italy:
  • Executive Analysis: Conduct monthly monitoring of the trends in the various companies
  • Sales Analysis: Monitor the relationship between budget, sales and profit margin; Assess anomalies in gifts and promotional activities impacting sales and margin
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Analyze the supplier performance against budget and warehouse inventory levels and turns
  • Average project development time of just 1 week
  • Leveraged QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher to aggregate data from multiple databases


  • Improved corporate management by obtaining greater knowledge of the criticalities thanks to effective monitoring and detailed analysis of the data
  • Reduced the work time and enabled better data monitoring
  • Provided the capability of intervening in criticalities and anomalies with corrective actions
  • Delivered cost to benefit ratio on the order of 1 to 10

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