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QlikView lowers costs and increases availability for Blekinge County Council


Regio: Sweden
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain

“It is a great advantage to us that we, who know our hospital’s operations, are able to design QlikView applications ourselves. The traditional BI software requires specialists who must interpret needs but never understand them as we do. And they cost much more.” Leif Fransson, Statistician & IT Analyst, Blekinge County Council


  • Among leading healthcare providers in Sweden serving the 150,000 inhabitants of Blekinge County in southern Sweden
  • Supports more than 500,000 patient visits per year
  • Approximately €425 million ($500 million) in budget with 5,000 employees


  • Decrease expenditures for prescribed medical products Improve availability of services by reducing patient waiting times
  • Provide one system to all data sources spanning clinical, financial and administrative systems for ad hoc analysis


  • Deployed QlikView to ~2,400 users in 4 functions in Sweden:
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Exploit statistical pharmaceutical data on prescriptions, usage patterns, and less expensive alternatives
  • Clinical Operations & Care Delivery Analysis: Track key operational inflow/outflow patterns; Analyze caregiver availability statistics (patient lead/wait times); Analyze survival expectancy data by treatment
  • Financial Analysis: Monitor financial performance against budget
  • Resource Planning Analysis: Measure equipment and staff scheduling
  • Next steps will include MIS and balanced scorecard
  • Deployed in < 4 weeks for pharmaceutical app with 2 resources
  • Leveraged QlikView (Server and Publisher) to aggregate more than 5 million records across a suite of disparate systems including Prima for HR,
  • Provisio for operations, Raindance for finance, Melior for medical journals and Conrad for x-ray


Delivered annual budget surplus by tracking financial indicators
Reduced medical costs by 5% or €850,000 (~$1.1 million) by analyzing prescription patterns
Increased caregiver availability with shortened patient waiting times by monitoring inflow/outflow patterns – finding bottlenecks
Improved treatment by analyzing survival expectancy data
Streamlined regulatory-compliance reporting processes

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