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QlikView turns Bouman GGZ into “clicking” addict


Regio: Netherlands
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Operations

“What is so good about QlikView is that managers can view the latest information any time they want: about DTCs (Diagnosis Treatment Combinations), their budgets, personal data… you name it. And all it takes is a few mouse clicks.” Kees Schenkels, Head of ICT, Bouman GGZ


  • Largest mental health organization in the Netherlands, specializing particularly in addiction. Bouman provides services at over fifty locations in the
  • Zuid-Holland-Zuid region, spread across the municipalities of Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen, Dordrecht, Leerdam, Gorinchem and Spijkenisse
  • Workforce of more than 850 employees


  • Consolidate data across three main systems – clinical, financial and administrative systems
  • Raise efficiency to make healthcare more affordable
  • Generate real-time management information system


  • Deployed QlikView to ~30 users across 4 functions in the Netherlands:
  • Clinical Operations & Care Delivery Analysis: Monitor patient flow patterns, duration of stay, and treatment activity
  • Resource Planning Analysis: Analyze staffing and scheduling
  • Financial Analysis: Measure performance against budget with costs
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis: Track DTCs (Diagnosis Treatment Combinations for reimbursement, Signal DTCs past due so as to not miss revenue
  • Rapid implementation in < 2 weeks with support from JIS
  • Leveraged QlikView to aggregate data from several systems including a financial system (Decade), HRM system (Beaufort) and clinical system (User)
  • Tools such as Cognos and Oracle proved limiting in analysis flexibility and speed of deployment


  • Provided an integrated view into operations by gaining insight into metrics that are interconnected across data systems
  • Removed sense of compartmentalization in the organization
  • Combined data warehouse and BI analysis in one solution
  • Improved process efficiencies and DTC tracking driving more affordable healthcare delivery and 100% compliance
  • Delivered common dashboard of information to management

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