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Regio: Europe, Russia
Bedrijfstak: Telecommunicatie
Functie: Executive, Finance, Sales, Service & Support

"Faced with continuous growth of monthly telecommunication traffic and serious tasks for traffic analysis and routing management the Brilliant Telecom has opted for the BI solution most suitable for the company's specifics which allows to process any volume of current information and provide users with duly formatted analytical reports in few seconds… And this solution is QlikView!”

Evgeny Egorov
General Director of Brilliant Telecom


Brilliant Telecom provides services in the field of telecommunications and is the international transit operator. The company was established in 2006 and currently provides the services for voice traffic termination to any place in the world. The company client base exceeds 500 telecommunication operators worldwide, with the number of daily processed calls of 3+ million and the monthly traffic volume of 50+ million minutes.


  • Create data warehouses and the reporting system 
  • Provide role access to users
  • Large data volumes processing "on-the-fly"
  • Intensification of work of sales department employees


Reporting and analytical system based on QlikView Business Discovery platform for solving the tasks of the commercial, technical and financial services.


  • Improving the level of service provided to the company clients due to possibility of obtaining the data on traffic in necessary analytical profiles at any level.
  • Effective work in the conditions of increasing traffic volumes.
  • Maintaining and increasing the margin level through more effective search of working directions among the suppliers, flexible management of traffic routing, application of the forecasting and comparative analysis methods.

Partner: Optima Consulting

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