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Cendris builds Business Balanced Scorecard in a few weeks using QlikView to drive its strategic goals


Regio: Europe, Netherlands
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Services
Functie: Marketing, Service & Support, Operations

“Reporting and analyzing data has never been easier. QlikView gives our managers easier and faster access to critical company information, enabling them to make the right decisions.”

Sito Vissering
Manager Information Management and Process Control,
Cendris Customer Contact BV


  • Cendris Customer Contact is the largest facility service supplier in The Netherlands
  • 2,700 employees


  • Provide daily reports to the management team, board of directors, subsidiary managers, project leaders and team leaders
  • Provide dynamic reports with drill down features
  • Create reports from different source systems based on ambiguous definitions
  • Provide Cendris customers access to up-to-date and daily reports through the extranet


  • Deploy QlikView to 68 employees
  • Create a deployed a Business Balanced Scorecard in a few weeks
  • Develop a contact driver based on call data in QlikView for daily reporting of all made outbound calls and a Sales Outbound Reporting based on QlikView and Google Maps for analysis of outbound campaigns


  • Quick and customized detailed information for all Cendris managers
  • Daily insight into Cendris’ performance through a dashboard based on pre-defined KPIs
  • More efficient outbound campaigns by providing comprehensive information on when and where response percentages are highest

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