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Centerstone Research employs QlikView for TDWI award-winning solution


Regio: North America, United States
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Onderwijs / Non-Profit
Functie: Executive, Finance, Human Resources, Operations

"We now utilize data-driven systems to inform staff and management about productivity, quality, revenue, etc. on a daily basis. We can tie staff activities directly to our budget. That transparency helped lead to performance increases of up to 30%.”

Thomas Doub, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Centerstone Research Institute


  • Largest not for profit provider of community-based behavioral healthcare program in the US
  • Conducts services and clinical studies, and partners with leading research institutions to advance knowledge of mental health and addiction disorders
  • Serves more 70,000 individuals and families served annually
  • Operates at more than 120 facilities and 150 community locations


  • Weather financial pressures without cutting services
  • Improve quality of care for patients while reducing revenue leaks


  • Deploy QlikView to 2,000 employees as part of a comprehensive BI/DW solution.
  • Provide clinicians, managers and front desk staff with the ability to view and analyze vital information related to clinical research, quality of services, financial viability, patient outcomes and enterprise performance.
  • Provide easy, web-based access to actionable information sourced from data warehouse’s 132 GB of data across 300 tables, representing more than 1,500,000 clinical services


  • Increased revenue by 30%
  • Improved staff productivity by 30%
  • Improved quality of services by 25%
  • Empowered end users with actionable information to do jobs better

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