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Chiesi Pharmaceuticals Russia

QlikView is a tool of instant answers to business questions in Chiesi


Regio: Europe, Russia
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales

"For me, the biggest achievement of the project is the ability to find answers to any questions instantly. "How many regions need marketing support to fulfill sales plan?", "How will affect further investment in the region on the overall profitability of the drug?" - Now on all these and many other questions I get answers within the same application QlikView for a few minutes."

—Yuri Vasilyev, director of business development, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals Russia


The company Chiesi  was established over 75 years ago, it is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Parma (Italy) and branches in 25 countries of the world, which is engaged in the development and production of original pharmaceuticals. 


  • Integration of more than 5 disparate data sources (ERP, CRM, databases, proprietary design, etc.)
  • Integrated sales analytics, the effectiveness of marketing activities, retail audit to support a key business decision-making, and the midrange and management of medical representatives
  • Improving the efficiency of business intelligence
  • Increase the speed and flexibility of analytical information


The award "Best dashboards ATK QlikView 2013" in ATK QlikView client application competition.

We started with development of QlikView sales analytics. Then, we have developed an application for analysis of activities of medical representatives, the effectiveness of marketing investments in the promotion of drugs for secondary sales analyst reports our distributors. In addition, not only the commercial and marketing divisions of the company are interested in the system - CFO is analyzing data on profit and loss (P & L) in QlikView, and in all possible cuts (by Federal Districts, actors, drugs, etc.).


  • The emergence of "single source of truth" in the company
  • a significant reduction in development time of new reports
  • Improvement of business goals
  • Reducing the time response to a user request

Partner: AТК Consulting Group

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