Cheshire and Wirral Partnership

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership


Regio: United Kingdom
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Finance, Operations

"There are almost no limits to what we can do with QlikView. We are developing it for internal performance reporting, as well as to bring in other data sources such as risk and estates management to provide holistic performance reporting.” Janet King, Associate Director of Informatics, CWP


  • Provider of services for people with mental health, learning disability and drug/alcohol problems to patients in the Northern UK.
  • Headquartered in Chester, UK
  • Annual budget of $ 190 million with over 2,700 employees


  • Need to make Business Intelligence more flexible, easier to understand and intuitive


  • Deployed QlikView for Service Line Reporting
  • Operational Analysis: Clinicians can take the lead on service development, performance and quality of their services and drive improvements in patient care. Developed balanced scorecard analysis to align departments with organizational goals.
  • Financial Analysis: Provides cost-benefit analysis for capital purchases
  • Rapid implementation in a few weeks
  • Leveraged QlikView Server to aggregate millions of lines of data from multiple data sources


  • Enabled clinicians to take the lead on service development and quality of their services
  • Reduced the necessary lead time for reporting
  • Managers have information at their fingertips
  • QlikView provides sufficient data to support investment and budgetary decisions

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