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CINECA and University of Bologna

The University of Bologna and CINECA run simulations with QlikView


Regio: Italy
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Onderwijs / Non-Profit
Functie: Human Resources

QlikView’s associative analysis was highly appreciated by CINECA because data did not need to be pre-aggregated, and advance calculations were not required." Stefano Roselli, Manager, CINECA’s application architecture and business intelligence sector, CINECA


  • University of Bologna is one of the best know and most prestigious universities in Italy and abroad.
  • CINECA is a non-profit association established as a interuniversity consortium of 32 Italian universities.


  • Find a technological system that supported the administrative system.
  • Improve accurate management and oversight of human resources.
  • Create a data warehouse for all administrative data especially for future personnel analysis.


  • Deploy QlikView Server to a dozen users in just a short period of time.
  • Analyze and simulate personnel requirements associated with cost trends and ten macro events such as promotions, role change and retirement.
  • Immediately leverage the invaluable data locked in its data warehouse to take a forward looking view at personnel management.


  • Produced a complete personnel simulation to determine career-related events.
  • Simulated from opening recruitment through to staff turnover accurately.
  • Expedited analysis of staff flow and personnel operations.


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