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Decision Making at Coface Ibérica Made Easier with QlikView


Regio: Spain
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Verzekeringswezen
Functie: Finance, Executive

"QlikView offers us the ability to have an overall view of our information, which allows us to act based on our observations and experience and foresee business risks."

José Luis Soto, Information Systems Manager, Coface Ibérica


  • In 2006, during the next phase of the economic crisis in Spain, Coface Ibérica, the Spanish division of Coface, decided they needed to take better decisions quickly and to be able to monitor certain critical activities within the company, as a complement to the corporate tools.


  • To facilitate decision making for action
  • To integrate a diversity of external data sources including databases and Excel spreadsheets for preparing reports and control frameworks
  • Monitoring business critical activities


  • Realisation of the Coface Ibérica project using QlikView has made it possible to facilitate the monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) for improving rapid decision making.


  • Improved monitoring of KPIs and critical factors including rates, ratios, premiums, claims, and variations
  • A more controlled environment with a unified vision
  • Flexibility in decision making

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