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Danderyds Sjukhus improves quality patient care with QlikView


Regio: Sweden, Netherlands
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Operations, Supply Chain

"A 75 to 80 percent compliance with ERAS can mean 30 to 40 percent fewer complications in terms of infections and so on. This results in a shorter stay in hospital—sometimes by up to three days—for a subgroup of patients. In addition, we’re experiencing better use of resources and a reduction in healthcare costs."

—Fredrik Hjern, Head of the Colostomy Section at the Surgical and Urological Clinic and ERAS Representative, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm


  • Leading hospital providing elective and emergency healthcare, primarily to the inhabitants of northern and northwestern metropolitan Stockholm supporting roughly 250,000 appointments and 30,000 treatments
  • Located in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Working with ~$300 million in budget with 3,000 employees


  • Gain visibility on utilization of beds and patient scheduling to optimize existing resources
  • Unlock value of data trapped across systems with operation planning, medical journals and administrative systems


  • Deployed QlikView to ~ 35 users in physician and administrative personnel across 2 functions in Sweden:
  • Care Delivery Analysis: Track patient history, treatments, duration of stay, cost, and clinical outcome
  • Resource Planning Analysis: Assess utilization of beds and operating rooms for actuals versus planned; Identify and remove bottlenecks to increase availability and capacity;
  • Optimize patient scheduling and staffing to maximize resources; Produce data to justify need for additional resources in beds and staffing
  • Rapid implementation in only a few weeks
  • Leveraged QlikView to aggregate data across multiple systems including bed usage system, medical journal with Siemens Melior, and operations planning with Orbit.


  • Optimized utilization of beds with improved logistics in patient scheduling, staffing, and bed availability
  • Improved data analysis on diagnosis, treatments and outcome analysis by case, procedure, and physician
  • Provided system to monitor utilization levels to justify need for additional resources with beds and staff to maintain high levels of quality in patient care and safety

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