DarkMatter2bd Transforms Healthcare and Life Sciences Industries with the Help of Qlik®

Qlik’s visualization capabilities allowed for instant interrogation of our data.

— Vince DeChellis, Co-Founder & Principal, DarkMatter2bd



North America, United States

  • Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
  • Functie: Sales, Marketing, Research & Development


  • DarkMatter2bd provides access to a growing universe of clinical and provider data to help improve decision-making in the life science and healthcare industries. 
  • The company’s expertise spans across analytics, platform development, R&D, sales and marketing and strategic planning.
  • Industry: Life Sciences


With more than two trillion records in its database, DarkMatter2bd’ needed a BI partner to provide insights into the data and answer client questions.


Partnered with Qlik to complement its MedFuseTM database and convert data into accurate, relevant, and actionable information. 


  • Ability to interrogate 1.3 billion rows of data on demand and provide the granular insights for clients.
  • Increased efficiency, no longer take weeks or months to extract business and clinical queries for clients. 
  • Capability to provide real world data for strategic planning and targeting in R&D, healthcare and marketing.

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