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DeRoma runs production analyses with QlikView


Regio: Italy
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: Mill Products
Functie: Finance, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain

“To be successful in the market, now more than ever, it’s necessary to completely know your own company and business. These control tools have become of vital importance.”

—Franco Scanagatta, Board Member, Deroma


  • Leading global manufacturer of industrial terra cotta products
  • Products distributed by 6 marketing subsidiaries in Europe, the United States and China and can be found in all major DIY chains and in over 8,000
  • Garden Centers around the world
  • Headquartered in Malo, Italy
  • Achieved €100 million in revenue with over 2,000 employees


  • Improve the ability to track production
  • Oversee the nine companies that make up the Deroma Group in an easy-to-use format
  • Streamline management data and use it constructively


  • Deployed QlikView to 40 users across 4 functions in Italy:
  • Sales Analysis: Analysis of sales information across orders, shipments, products and margins
  • Operational Analysis: Analyze production information across quantity, quality, waste and rejects, and processing time
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Monitor warehouse inventory levels and activity
  • Financial Analysis: Manage historic data analysis process and generation of tiered budgets
  • Rapid implementation in less than 1 month
  • Leveraging QlikView Server


  • Gained increased visibility into sales information to ensure tracking across regions, products and maintaining margins
  • Delivered insight into production processes to improve operational excellence with processing times, production quantity and product quality
  • Consolidated data regarding foreign markets to monitor the company’s expansion efforts
  • Gained ability to analyze five years of historical data at once to better manage finance history and future budgeting

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