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DDG improves healthcare management thanks to QlikView


Regio: Netherlands
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Service & Support

"The QlikView ‘analysis base’ enables us to see at a glance whether the organization is meeting the performance requirements." Wim Addens, Systems Manager, Doktersdiensten Groningen


The DDG (GP call services) takes care of emergency health calls in Groningen and North Drenthe during the evenings, at nights, on weekends and on public holidays. The DDG consists of 278 GPs with a working area of some 650,000 patients. Every year the DDG receives around 150,000 calls, which result in a telephone consultation or an emergency home visit. The DDG has its own call center, seven GP posts, six fully equipped cars for home visits and an office for administrative support.


  • Generate management information at anytime.
  • Connect to the legacy application - Adastra.
  • Acquire insight into whether the GP post is delivering on its 30-minute call-back obligation.


  • Deploy QlikView to 10 employees in one week.
  • Analyze service and support instantly, thus enhancing insight into the functioning of the GP posts and improving healthcare management.
  • Support security and visibility while handling large and highly sensitive data volumes.


  • Provided insight into the performance of the GP posts and shows whether the call center meets the quality requirements.
  • Improved response to demand for healthcare.
  • Generated detailed management information.
  • Delivered a platform that is easily customizable to grow and expand with operations.

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