Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc.

PharmaLytics powered by QlikView improves pharmaceutical contracting and negotiation


Regio: United States
Omzet: n/a
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Supply Chain

"PharmaLytics Reporting, powered by QlikView, eliminates redundancy and allows us to use our reports as the sole source of truth. Now, we spend our time talking about how to run the business instead of how to run the numbers."

Edward McAdam,
Senior Director of Contracting, Pricing, and Analytics,
Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc.


  • A software and solutions specialist providing managed markets expertise to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Dedicated to enabling companies to negotiate more profitable deals with managed care organizations
  • Provides analytics solutions enabled by robust technology and greater transparency into data
  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals and specialty biologics

Typical Solution Use

  • The primary use of PharmaLytics is to understand the impact of discount levels and formulary restrictions on deal profitability and product performance during the contract negotiation process between drug manufacturers and Managed Care Organizations
  • Other uses include the measurement of performance vs. expectations (i.e. Post Deal Analysis), expression of gross-to-net, aggregation of 3rd party and processed claims data using a single customer and product bridge across sources, and business question driven reporting

Typical Benefits

  • Maximize profit in contract negotiations with data driven discount recommendations
  • Quickly ascertain discount exposure, margins and product performance
  • Decrease time spent aggregating data across sources
  • Predict financial outcomes of numerous contracting scenarios prior to contract signatures
  • Enhanced modeling to improve deal profitability and targeting
  • Reduced risk of error and reduced production costs from manually intensive reporting

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