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Ecenarro Improves its Analysis Capacity With QlikView


Regio: Spain
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Automotive

“QlikView helps us to access all the data we need, instantly, and easily.”

Javier Amasene, Manager, Ecenarro S. Coop


  • Ecenarro’s legacy business intelligence system the data to be analysed was exported from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Data was then processed manually to obtain the required results. Completion of this process was time consuming to the point that once results were available it was already nearly the month end and it was necessary to restart the whole process of data preparation in Excel for the next analysis.


  • The extraction of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor sales
  • Analysis of variations between expected and actual prices
  • Meeting delivery deadlines


  • QlikView makes it possible to analyse KPIs immediately. The expectations from the new business intelligence system have been more than met. The customer wants to extend QlikView to all departments.


  • Improved monitoring of KPIs and other business critical factors
  • Greater knowledge and control of the business
  • Immediate visibility of overall data

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