Egis Russia

QlikView in Egis: Cross-analysis and forecasting for 100+ users


Regio: Europe, Russia
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Executive, Supply Chain

"QlikView gives the user a unique potential – cross-analysis of the whole analytical data landscape, with the possibility to quickly unify new data sources and ad-hoc visualizations."

—Dmitry Tkachuk, Market research manager, Egis Russia


Hungarian pharmaceutical company Egis now produces 531 medicines, which are included in 137 pharmaceutical groups and 119 active ingredients. At the moment, Russia has 35% of Hungarian’s pharmaceutical factory export and continually increases this share. 


  • Consolidation and visualization of analytical information from different data sources
  • Reduction of requests for data upload
  • Ad-hoc analytics for different types of users 


QlikView initial project was completed in 1 month, but the system functionality is still developing. QlikView has already consolidated more than 10 data sources – internal corporate systems (sell-in, sell-out, CRM) and syndicated research data (IMS Retail, IMS Hospital and IMS DLO, GfK DoctorMonitors and GfK RepScope).

Moreover, Egis Russia analytical team actively maintains the QlikView user statistics, so that to adjust QlikView apps to the needs of the end-users


  • Quick implementation
  • Increase in possibilities of analytical drill-down and drill-through
  • Ad-hoc KPI visualization
  • Integration with professional statistic software (R Project)
  • Consolidation of relevant data from different data sources into one analytical application 

Partner: AТК Consulting Group

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