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Emons rolls out QlikView to finance, transport, sales, management and IT


Regio: Germany
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Transport & Logistiek
Functie: Operations, Sales, Supply Chain

"We’re proud of the speed and in particular the depth of detail of the evaluations, providing vital indicators for management of the business."

Martin Heinisch
IT Manager
Emons Spedition


  • Established in 1928 in Cologne
  • 1,800 employees and 40 branches worldwide, 18 of which are in Germany
  • Every day, 130 Emons Spedition lorries are on the roads, as well as 900 sub-contractor vehicles
  • Approximately 10,000 client orders are processed daily


  • Transport optimisation by detailed analysis of dispatch and merchandise structures required
  • Identification of links between weight, volume and timing with reference to price
  • Greater cost transparency required
  • Manual evaluations based on the Euromistral ERP system was too laborious


  • QlikView is used for finance, transport, sales, management and in IT:
  • Order monitoring: how do specific orders develop over time? What is the relationship between the number of orders and the number of clients? Are there links between turnover, weights, and costs?
  • Transport optimisation: evaluation of situation, item and pallet prices regardless of size and weight, utilisation analyses by destination location or packaging units.
  • More than 35,000 data records are analysed daily, down to dispatch item level


  • Speed and detailed depth of evaluation
  • Identification of correlations between traffic flows or the success or failure of new products
  • Evaluations of geographical workload and lorry-capacity utilisation.
  • Analyses possible independent of the IT departments

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