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Enganches y Remolques Aragón

Enganches y Remolques Aragón Installs QlikView With Instant Success


Regio: Europe, Spain
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Automotive
Functie: Sales, Service & Support, Operations, Finance, Marketing

“If a sales representative goes to customer knowing the latest purchase figures, what items the customer uses most, its financial situation and commercial margins, this is extremely valuable information. It is useful for increasing sales.”

Fernando Benito Monreal, Managing Director,
Enganches y Remolques Aragón


  • Enganches y Remolques Aragón wanted to be able to know sales per customer, by geographical area, and per group of products, as well as commercial profit margins
  • They felt this information was crucial for any company. The knowledge it provides is has importance in the finance and production departments if you want to monitor all business processes within the organisation in a single environment.


  • To process all company information relating to the commercial sector in a rapid and straightforward manner
  • To keep control of all businesses processes with a single BI environment


  • The installation of QlikView at Enganches y Remolques Aragón facilitates the control of sales, finance, cash flow and production. It provides instant, graphic access to indicators of greatest importance to the company, which means significant time saving when drawing up reports.


  • Speed of installation
  • Instantaneous extraction of data
  • Easy to operate
  • High degree of customisation for each team member

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