Estrella implemented QlikView on Lawson M3 ERP to provide superior decision support in sales, financial monitoring and other KPIs.


Regio: Sweden
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Groot en detailhandel
Functie: Sales, Operations

"We can meet local and functional needs in a good way with QlikView, and we do it in a secure way by centrally determining exactly what it is that data of a certain type should reflect. This means that the concept of "customer" means the same thing to the sales people as to the accounting department."

Anders Ivarsson, CIO, Estrella


  • One of Sweden's largest producers of snack foods
  • The company is owned by the Norwegian company Herkules Capital, which bought Estrella from Kraft Food in 2008


  • Quickly produce decision support for an organization with no existing IT system


  • Implement QlikView on from Lawson M3 rapidly
  • Provide decision support with regard to production, sales, financial monitoring and follow-up


  • Rapid solution implementation
  • Improved performance
  • Decision support was rolled out quickly and effectively, enabling unprecedented control over the operation

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