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Excelsior administers swift treatment to patient care and operational efficiency challenges


Regio: Taiwan, Asia Pacific
Omzet: >NT$20 billion
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Operations

“We went from 2 weeks to just 2 minutes in data aggregation and analysis time. This has given us the ability to address patient-care issues faster than we imagined possible. And this is great news for patients because it helps us to continue to meet the Taiwan Society of Neurology's yearly patient-care benchmarks. ”

—Rosa Feng, Nursing Director, Excelsior Renal Service Co.


  • Integrated end-to-end provider in the medical industry and a part of the Excelsior Healthcare Group, headquartered in Taiwan


  • Amendment of existing analysis applications and development of new applications on asp.net and existing BI tool took too much time, making it difficult to adjust to changes in date, time, season, region or individual dialysis centers


  • To provide the highest level of patient-care in a competitive environment, Excelsior started using QlikView for its dialysis business. Through the data aggregated in QlikView, they analyze the various indicators of patient-care quality, clearly identify the causes of statistical anomalies, abnormal changes in patient condition and cause of death as well as to manage the cost and use of supplies.


  • Reduced the time needed to develop and amend analysis applications from 14 days to just 3 days
  • Consistently identify and take action on issues in patient-care, allowing all its 105 dialysis centers to continually meet patient-care benchmarks. This boosted brand awareness and reputation, helping to attract new dialysis centers to join its network and boost sales of its dialysis equipment and consumables
  • Achieved 5% reduction in expenditure on medical consumables, improving center profitability
  • Requires just 3 Nursing Directors to monitor and manage the quality control across 105 dialysis centers

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