Fernando Fonseca Hospital

Fernando Fonseca Hospital

Fonseca Hospital Chooses QlikView to Improve its Management System


Regio: Europe, Portugal
Omzet: N/A
Bedrijfstak: Gezondheidszorg
Functie: Executive, Operations, Finance, Human Resources

“I would recommend QlikView to any other business enterprise, company, or friend. Its key features are its ease of use, independence, flexibility and simplicity of design.”

Ricardo Gonçalves, Project Manager
Professor Doctor Fernando Fonseca Hospital


  • The Fernando Fonseca Hospital needed to adopt business intelligence (BI) system that would integrate information and permit its speedy processing in a straightforward and flexible way.


  • To integrate information from various information systems
  • To provide users with access to data
  • To ensure the delivery of up-to-date information


  • The adoption of a BI system, QlikView, for the management of hospital information and definition of indicators in various departments of the hospital.


  • Greater scope for integrating data from various sources of information
  • Ease of use
  • Independence of the management team for analysing and processing data
  • Rapid development of analysis dashboards
  • Automation of data collection

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