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At FFF Enterprises collaboration is key to success with QlikView


Regio: United States
Omzet: $100M-$1B
Bedrijfstak: Farmaceutische Industrie
Functie: Executive, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Supply Chain

“The pharmaceutical industry can change instantly, impacting how, where and what products we bring to market. It is imperative that people have real-time access to our business systems. With QlikView, we are able to access information anyplace and anytime. That puts us in a position of trust with our customers and partners.” Chris Ground, Senior Vice President, National Accounts, FFF Enterprises


  • Leading multidimensional healthcare company, delivering innovative solutions in biopharmaceutical management and distribution, health information management and consumer healthcare services
  • Headquartered in Temecula, California
  • Achieved ~ $700 million in revenue with 250 employees


  • Accelerate the availability of lifesaving products and services
  • Respond – at lightning speed – to rapid market changes
  • Maintain reputation as a finger-on-the-pulse enterprise with ‘information integrity’


  • Deployed QlikView to ~ 65 users across 7 functions in US:
  • Executive Analysis: Monitor trends to identify market opportunities and corporate performance across divisions
  • Sales Analysis: Analyze sales by division, product, salesperson and time
  • Marketing Analysis: Assess market performance by product and customer
  • Supply Chain Analysis: Assess warehouse logistical performance in tracking volume of products covering receipt, internal process flows, and dispatch.
  • Example is the Flu Dashboard tracking daily shipments
  • Operational Analysis: Better coordinate production forecasts with partners
  • Financial Analysis: Assess vital statistics to support annual forecasts
  • IT Analysis: Better manage system performance and IT service issues
  • Rapid implementation in only 4 weeks across three of divisions
  • Leveraged QlikView Server to aggregate data from Movex on the IBM System i (AS/400), Excel, XML, text files, and Access


  • Enabled timely market execution and customer responsiveness through instant information access
  • Provided up-to-date figures on demand chain synchronizing planning by business partners and customers
  • Adoption and success – within a week, the President and CEO was pulling out key sales records before meetings
  • Raised efficiency levels, saving the company time and money

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